Emerging Crypto Currency and
Block Chain Industry

CREBACO functions as a filter in the emerging Crypto and Blockchain
industry by removing the grey areas and building more trust by
research and analysis.


Removing the Grey Areas


Building Trust
By Research and Analysis


The Torch Bearer



CREBACO helps the investors, users and even the founders themselves to understand the project better


Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology known as blockchain is an emerging technology and is at a very nascent stage. Because of this very few people know of how it actually functions and many have been taking advantage, mainly of retail investors by promising them a vision of the project just on the white paper and never really launching the project ever. In many cases the exchanges also get hacked and investors lose their investment which deposited.

CREBACO helps the investors, users and even the founders themselves to understand the project better because we at CREBACO follow a systematic approach to analyze a technology project by keeping in mind all the aspects related to it such as the feasibility of the project, promoters background, technology, user interface, audits for security, etc.

We have carefully selected experts from all areas such as finance, marketing, legal and technology to assess a project from all possible point of views. Over and above we have made sure that our global representatives inspect the project physically as well to make sure the project is not just on web.

Due to our extensive research a CREBACO Certified project has more trust compared to others.


Advantages to new ICO's

Investors can trust the project more
Institutional investment is higher
Much easier in getting listed on high volume exchanges
Understanding the loopholes in the infrastructure through technology audit

Advantages to Exchanges

Smaller exchanges don’t need to have token audit teams by getting crebaco certified token on their platform
More retail investment
Higher volumes

Advantages to blockchain

Systematic technology audit
Evaluation of Application, efficiency and security
Feasibility of the project
Sustainability of the project

Credit Rating for Exchanges Blockchains and Coin Offerings

CREBACO certified projects are better trusted by retail and institutional investors making it easy for ICOs to raise funds and exchanges to gain volumes.


ICO Tokens and Crypto Currencies

Total funds raised by ICOs crossed 6.3Bn Mark in 2018 July and is expected to cross 11Bn by 2021. It’s the most emerging way of raising funds and experts project the soon ICOs will take over traditional IPO Markets.

Initial Coin Offerings are better than VCs and Angel investors for tech startups because of its ease in operations because of no interference in the board of directors. But most ICOs are just whitepapers and never really launch the promised product or service and the investors who invest in the project loose their investments which they had made just on the basis of the whitepaper

There are many instances of that ICO tokens do not get listed on any exchange because reputed exchanges don’t really list coins which don’t have a product in place. Reupted exchanges list coins only after through evaluation of the token.

Another important aspect of ICO’s are most founders don’t know much about the technology part of the project and hire smart contract coders on freelance basis. These coders leave a bug in the smart contract and whenever there is an input in the contract, the funds are automatically credited to the coders desired address leaving the founders with nothing at all.

Year No. Of ICOs Total Funds Raised
2014 2 $16,032,802
2015 3 $6,084,000
2016 29 $90,250,273
2017 872 $6,101,438,558
2018 928(and counting) $6,028,714,036 (and Counting)
2019 1280 $7,000,000,000
2020 1950 $9,500,000,000
2021 2500 $11,000,000,000
Total $39,742,519,669

Digital Asset Exchanges

There are more than 200 exchanges listed on coinmarketcap.com and over 1500 exchanges world wide; most of them are white label exchanges who use a ready platform but with their own name. It’s a ready to run business platform. But most of the exchanges are struggling for volumes because investors and traders don’t trust the platform and the exchange as a company.

These exchanges are privately owned and operated by inexperienced professionals because majority of the people who deal in cryptocurrency came to know about it only after 2017 when Bitcoin shot up in prices. Due to this many security aspects related to cryptocurrency are and exchange platforms are ignored and we regular hear news reports of exchanges being hacked or the owners of the exchanges dupe the investors.

To avoid such instances, we at crebaco take utmost care while evaluating the exchange platforms. This results in creation of Trust in the investors who can go ahead and deposit their funds and also helps the exchange to gain volume in the market.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was discovered because of Bitcoin in 2009 because it uses a unique structure for maintain a digital ledger of the transactions taking place on the network. It is immutable and has been working fine since almost a decade now. Researcher and developers found many other ways to use the technology in other sectors.

Today it is the one of the most searched Technology related term on Google and is hyped because of its success from bitcoin. Many governments, banks financial institutions, insurance companies, etc are already using the blockchain based technology. Further uses are being explored in healthcare, automotive, energy, wealth management, etc.

We need blockchain when we want faster transactions, automatic authorization, globally accessible public ledger, irreversible and hack proof databases. But there have been instances that some companies just changed their name and included the word blockchain in the name and the stock price went up by few folds. Later it was discovered that the company sold iced tea in long island, New York. There are many companies like these who are just getting blockchain on their systems even when they don’t need it!


Regulatory Research and Advising

Regulations are the most important factors when it comes to Cryptocurrency or blockchain. Many countries have strict regulations and restrictions related to bitcoin and treat it differently for taxing and transacting.

Many ICOs and crypto exchanges form their companies in countries which are not clear on the regulatory front and hence they unknowingly violate the regulations or existing laws which are unclear on this sector. Blockchain technologies are indirectly violating GDPR laws and many countries have strict laws to maintain the user database in their own countries servers but blockchain may leapfrog those terms in ignorance.

CREBACO also helps governments and organizations to help understand crypto and other blockchains and draft legal and compliance regulations keeping in mind the global scenario.

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