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Planning & Consulting

Project Consulting

Providing consultation on Legal Financial and Technological aspects of upcoming ideas making sure the project does it right.


CREBACO is built on the fundamentals of research, data and intelligence making us have the largest comprehensive data base of over 2000+ Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects.


Intelligence reports which aims at reducing scams, MLM and Ponzi schemes from the industry helping investors and regulators find the crucial details about the project.

Credit Rating

Credit Rating which measures the credibility of the project by understanding over 120+ parameters including Legal, Technological, Financial and Due Diligence of the project.


We are a team of experts from the Blockchain Industry

We have adopted traditional research tools and have combined it with the evolving technology and analytic mechanisms making the results more reliable.

CREBACO is Credit Rating for Exchanges Blockchains and Coin Offerings which comprises of experts in the field of Legal, Technology, Trading, Research, Analytical and Financial and who have experience working with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects. Combined together we have developed a unique matrix to measure the performance of projects emerging in this industry.

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