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Meet The Team

A team of professionals and blockchain entrepreneurs

Sidharth Sogani

Founder and CEO

Sidharth is the heading CREBACO with a vision to make the blockchain and crypto industry more regulated and scam free. Sidharth is specialized in business, finance, international trade and policies. He is well traveled, experienced in international business & banking and has been in the blockchain and crypto industry since 2015. Sidharth has seen the industry evolve, and is a true believer of the decentralised revolution.

Jagdish Pandya (a.k.a 'JP')

Investor and Accelerator

Jagdish is a blockchain evangelist, catalyst and investor specifically focused on the blockchain and emerging tech industry. He invested in CREBACO at a very early stage and has managed to get the organisation to a great height working closely with the team. JP is in the industry since 2015 as well and has diverse knowledge and is very well connected in the crypto industry.

Asif Bahrainwala

Data Security

As CREBACO deals in sensitive data, it becomes crucial to keep it safe. Asif is experienced tech and data base architect with experience of working with several brands like Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Ubisoft and others. Asif is also working on products dealing with executing trades based on AI/ML based algorithms.

Shradha Agarwal

Head Business Development & Strategy

Shradha is experienced in business and product development and has worked with several FMCG companies as well. An expert with entrepreneur skills which are perfect for driving the growth of the an organisation like CREBACO.

Akash D.

Crypto Research Analyst

Akash is a full-time research analyst at CREBACO and has been in the crypto space since 2017. A graduate in computer science engineering and his specialization lies in trading bitcoin and altcoins on spot and derivatives markets. He believes that crypto will be adopted in our daily lives in this decade and thrives to grow with the crypto industry. Long crypto, Short fiat.

Srikant VK

Business Development & Sales

Srikant is looking after the core operations of sales, business development and customer research. An expert in building on partnerships, revenue and sales related strategies.

Hiten Shah

Market Research | Internal Operations

Hiten is multi-talented and has experience in the crypto industry since 2016, has managed several communities for many projects. Currently he is working with CREBACO as a research analyst and is also taking care of certain operations in the organisation. Hiten has cleared his international CFA level II and is looking at level III soon.

Nishank Tody

Strategy Advisor | Financial Analyst

Nishank is a finance specialist from Purdue University and CASS business school, heading family business of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and also assisting CREBACO at individual capacity on strategy, planning and analyzing projects based on their financial projections. He also represents CREBACO in Honk Kong when the need arises.

Shridha Bagda

Jr. Research Analyst | Content

Shridha is helping CREBACO in keeping the database up to date by keeping a track of the developments with the projects listed. She has a sharp eye in identifying a scam or MLM project and keeps a close watch. She is specialized in accounting and finance and brings great talent to the CREBACO team.

Godwin Schembri

Advisor & Country Coordinator – Malta

Godwin has experience in the blockchain and crypto space since a 2016. He is heading KnowMeNow, and is also an IT, Blockchain and Payments consultant. Godwin brings great knowledge and connect for CREBACO when it comes to Malta, which is the worlds leading Blockchain and Crypto hub.

Ashwin Chaudhary

IT Advisor | Cybersecurity | Tech Audit

Ashwin has over 20 years of experience when it comes to cyber security. He is currently the Managing Director and CEO of Accedere group focusing on Cyber Security, SOC Audits for Cloud Data Security and Privacy with offices in Denver (USA), Dubai (UAE) and Mumbai (India). He mainly advises CREBACO when it comes to SOC Compliance Reports, Cloud Security Audits, GDPR, CCPA and Privacy Compliance, Blockchain Audit, Smart Contracts, SCADA/OT/ICS/IoT Security and many more.

Srishti Sogani

Branding and Marketing Advisor

Srishti is a marketing professional with 7 years of experience. She is also heading a textile brand and is the alumna of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. She has a great acumen of understanding a brands presence and is consulting CREBACO for better branding and marketing strategies.

Manoj Jain

Legal & Policy Advisor

Manoj Jain is an IT industry veteran and a tech entrepreneur. An engineering, management and law graduate, Manoj has been working towards mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto assets. He has handled large business and relationships with Indian Government for Tech Mahindra, Oracle and Northgate. Manoj was Industry member of various Government of India committees on MCA 21, UIDAI, Ministry of Finance, Education and Health. He worked with Delhi and MP Governments on educational initiatives on new technologies. Manoj is a cofounder of Bitfia - a tech company involved in Blockchain and AI.