Images from the Global Blockchain Foundation in Kuala Lumpur

Founder & CEO, Sidharth Sogani receiving an award from the Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Amirudding Hamza

Bloconomic Malaysia 2018

Co-Founder Dhawal Chopda in action explaining the pros and cons of ICO industry and facts about CREBACO rating system.

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Dhawal Chopda – Bloconomic 2018

Founder Sidharth Sogani at World Blockchain and Fintech Conclave, Mumbai. Addressing Blockchain technology use cases in March 2018.

Block Live Asia – Singapore April 2019

CREBACO Participated in Block Live Asia held at the Marina Bay Sands in April 2019 where the Founder and CEO presented CREBACO Global rating structure and warned that the scams will continue. Catch him in action in the video below.

Sidharth Sogani at Block Live Asia – Singapore 2019

CREBACO Also launched its first edition of CREBACO 50, a comprehensive report of 50 Randomly selected projects from the Blockchain and ICO Space. CREBACO Plans to release the CREBACO 50 every quarter with a vision to create awareness and benchmarks in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry.

Blockchain Life Singapore April 2019

CREBACO Global participated in Blockchain Life in Singapore where many partnership and other agreements were signed.
CREBACO and BlockOn Group also introduced an entire eco system to the President of Liberland, Mr. Vit Jedlika

CREBACO Global and BlockOn Group Introducing eco system to Mr. Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland

Sidharth Sogani, CEO CREBACO Global with President of Liberland Mr Vit Jedlicka